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Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese equity joint venture established in 1986 with its headquarters registered in the core business area of Tokyo, under which are a group of wholly-owned subsidiaries, holding companies and joint stock companies. Chuwa Bussan engaged in the international trade of such engineering and mechanical equipment as ships and vehicles, manufacturing and sale of large-scale equipment like shield machine, international investment & financing, leasing and training of technology consultation. It is an international comprehensive enterprise with total assets of over 500 million US dollars and business turnover of over 100 million US dollars. 

Adhering to its resources in relevant fields between China and Japan such as advanced technology, high-quality equipment, financial support and strong international operation network, Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. engaged in the sales of newly-manufactured and second-hand engineering machinery, which is used for cargo ships/vehicles/ports/roads and bridges. Chuwa BussanThe Company also makes equity investment in the oversea enterprise and projects, offers financing support such as loaning and leasing to customers using equipment and materials, offers consultation and training support on advanced technology for engineering projects.  

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. offers high-quality, high-efficient, suitable and integrated comprehensive service to meet the need of global market, and its businesses have already spread over countries and regions such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates , Kenya, Angola, Mozambique and Equatorial Guinea, etc.


Mainly Engaged In:

1.The international sales of equipment and materials needed by all kinds of transportation infrastructure construction, such as the port handling equipment (including large-scale complete set of handling equipment), port\ road transportation equipment, construction equipment for the project of port\ road\ bridge\railway\tunnel, and all kinds of newly-manufactured and second-hand ships and vehicles and other mechanical equipment.;                    

2.Manufacturing and sales of many kinds of construction ships and different  models of tunnel boring machines (shield machines);         

3.Provide services of consultation and technical support for the construction project of port\ road\ bridge\ tunnel;

4.Financing and leasing services for the equipment and materials needed by the project; 

5.Investment and financing business for the international enterprises and projects。



A comprehensive Sino-Japanese equity joint-venture group engaged in
production, trade, consultation, investment and financing.